Overview of the Slot Game Knockout Diamonds

Rumble is a fair descriptor for the continuing ELK Classic Series. Studio enters the squared circle to adopt a boxing theme for the eighth game in the popular series of retro-styled games. Additionally, the game has been designed to seem like a traditional cabinet, although one that is seated ringside and has some modern upgrades. Fans of the series should be pleased to hear that the gameplay is essentially classic arcade games with a contemporary spin.

Throughout the series, ELK Studios has demonstrated an ability to create games with a retro yet modern aesthetic. Traditionally, scatter prizes have been shown above a list of symbol values, and the 3-reel grid has been presented to appear like a real machine. The fact that there is just one payline to hit in this game adds to the retro feel. In addition, ELK does a great job with the music, and the visuals provide a well-lit arena packed with enthusiastic spectators. ELK has done a fantastic job so far of conjuring something new each time, and the eighth slot in the range lives up to the anticipation set by the other seven.

Players may enter the fray on any platform by betting anything from 25 cents to $100 every spin. It’s a bad there’s only one payline and no penny alternatives, but maybe next time. The mathematical model predicts a high degree of volatility (8 out of 10), so players should be prepared for the occasional uppercut or jab. The official frequency of 12.8% is about average for fruit slots of this sort, so there is considerable room to maneuver. However, the RTP is around par with a 96% average.

The wage scale makes the ‘classic’ nature of the agreement quite evident. Cherries, single bars, double bars, triple bars, bells, and fortunate 7s are all represented below, in descending order of their historical significance. Values are decent as well; a line of sevens, for instance, will return 75 times your wager. Even better, a line of three wilds pays out 100 times the wager, albeit in most cases it will simply substitute for other symbols to create a win.

Slot Machine Featured in “Knockout Diamonds”

Here’s where Knockout Diamonds really throws down, with features like a Ringside Rumble, Multiplier Wilds, and Knockout Spins.

When you get a pair of matching symbols on reels 1 and 2, you trigger a bonus round called Ringside Rumble. This triggers a three-time respin of reel 3 while the first two reels remain locked. This provides the opportunity to link the third necessary symbol for a winning combination or a wild sign.

Multiplier Wilds are included and do exactly what you’d expect them to do in the game. Occasionally, wilds will appear to increase the value of a line win by a factor of two or three.

Knockout Spins, triggered by three Bonus symbols on an active payline, is the game’s main attraction. The initial number of free spins in the bonus game is 3, and it will reset to 3 if you get a win or land another bonus symbol on a payline. Bonus symbols that appear during free spins are added to a tally, and at the end of the feature, players are awarded prizes according to the Knockout Spins paytable shown at the top of the cabinet. Scatters pay off 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, or 2,500 times the wager when 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 appear in a winning combination. The 2,500x jackpot may also be won by getting three scatter symbols on a single spin.

Slot Game with Knockout Payouts

Although boxing enthusiasts may not be satisfied, Knockout Diamonds has what it takes to amuse gamers after a throwback punchline. The only boxing-related elements are the background image and a few feature names. It’s not like other sports-themed slots where you may play for real money and enjoy exclusive bonus rounds and symbols. This is, however, more of a minor quibble than a serious critique. The underutilization of the subject has little effect on the reel action. There, ELK has stayed true to the Classic Series’ ethos, with Knockout Diamonds including plentiful examples of the series’ signature elements.

Eight players strong indicates that ELK is successfully connecting with a sizable audience. If ELK’s last seven films have entertained you, there’s a good chance Knockout Diamonds will, too. The fact that there is only one payline in Knockout Diamonds may also be appealing to certain players. If you’re becoming worn out by the constant increase in pay ways and reels, this game’s straightforward layout could be just what the doctor ordered. The only way to win the maximum payout of 2,500x the stake in this game with only one payline is to repeatedly hit the play button, triggering Knockout Spins.

The overall potential isn’t huge, but it’s appropriate for the format, and the gameplay is simplistic. Those who enjoy games with more complexity, more substantial victories, or more novel features will likely feel insulted. In any case, traditional slot fans should enjoy Knockout Diamonds as much as newcomers to the genre.

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