7 Ways to Play Better Slots That Don’t Involve Strategy

At the point when somebody asks me how they can win really betting, my most memorable response is quite often that they need to dive more deeply into system for the game they play and begin utilizing it. Be that as it may, when they let me know they play spaces, my response is a piece unique.

Furthermore, the motivation behind why the response is different is on the grounds that there aren’t exactly any spaces techniques that work.

Yet, this doesn’t truly intend that there aren’t a few strategies you can figure out how to improve as an openings player.

The following are seven different ways you can improve as an openings payer that have nothing to do with methodology.

1 – Be the Tortoise, Not the Hare

Everybody knows about the old tale about the turtle and the rabbit. The turtle keeps a gradual speed, while the rabbit plays and loses the race despite the fact that he has prevalent speed.

You probably won’t think this story has a say in playing better spaces, yet there’s a significant illustration for openings players here.

Glance around at what different openings players are doing. Presently, recollect that most openings players are losing. Anyway, for what reason would you say you are doing likewise things they’re doing?

Losing openings players will more often than not play the machines as quick as possible. Remember, you’re in all out control of how quick you play spaces, whether you’re playing in a live gambling club, versatile club or online club website.

Assuming that you play openings more slow, you decrease your misfortunes and can play longer. For this reason I say that you ought to play spaces like the turtle, not the rabbit.

2 – “Big stake or Bust” Mentality

Playing openings is a waste of time. However long you’re taking care of cash into the gaming machine and turning the reels, the gambling club is taking your cash.

In the spaces game, the main opportunity you have of outpacing the competition over the long haul is to luck out and win a major measure of cash with a big stake. This is precisely the way in which I utilize genuine cash gambling machines when I play.

Gambling Machines

I generally play on a machine with a bonanza. I comprehend that the chances are against me, yet I likewise know that assuming that I luck out, I can win a groundbreaking big stake.

Never plan to create a gain playing spaces. This simply prompts dissatisfaction. Indeed, you will win occasionally, however more often than not, you will lose.

Assuming you change your perspective and acknowledge that you will lose except if you luck out, it can make a huge difference. I’m not hoping to win each time I play, yet I’m willing to risk $100 or $200 at some point to attempt to luck out and win a bonanza.

3 – Timed Slots Sessions

The club realize how speculators’ brains work. The gambling clubs know that in the event that they engage you enough, you could forget about time and play the openings longer than you arranged. Furthermore, the more you play, the more the gambling club makes.

Therefore I generally suggest utilizing an arranged meeting time when you play openings. Set a clock on your telephone before you begin playing a gambling machine and quit playing quickly when the clock goes off.

This is the most ideal way to ensure that you don’t play when you ought to stop. You can pick your meeting time, so there will never be motivation to play after your clock goes off.

If you have any desire to play longer, consider this for your next meeting. Simply don’t broaden the ongoing meeting. Begin with short playing meeting times, and continue to develop until you figure out an opportunity that turns out best for you.

Rather than intending to go to the club for four hours, plan to have eight 15-minute openings meetings. Have some time off after every meeting. Stroll around a little and jump-start the system.

4 – Session Bankroll Considerations

One more sort of control you can use to restrict your openings misfortunes is a bankroll for each playing meeting. You can involve this in blend with your coordinated meetings. The blend of these two strategies truly assists you with controlling your misfortunes.

Set a bankroll for each openings meeting that you intend to play. This needn’t bother with to be muddled. You can basically partition the aggregate sum you’re wanting to take to the club for the end goal of betting by the quantity of playing meetings you intend to utilize.

For Example:

In the last area I suggested breaking your betting time into eight 15-minute meetings. On the off chance that you wanted to take $400 to the club to bet with, basically partition $400 by 8 and you get a meeting bankroll of $50.

For every one of your eight openings meetings, you have 15 minutes to play. What’s more, on the off chance that you lose $50 in a meeting, you quit playing.

As well as controlling your misfortunes utilizing these two-meeting limits, you likewise cause what is happening that is far and away superior. For each meeting where you end with some cash left finished, you can cash this out and return it to your pocket. This nearly ensures that you won’t lose your whole bankroll for the outing.

5 – Always Use Bonus Opportunities

I concede that I’m not a tremendous openings player. I take a risk at a few moderate big stakes like I made sense of in the second segment on this page, however I’m not a normal player. However every time I stroll into a live gambling club, I see many gambling machines with players taking care of them cash.

I have a profound comprehension of measurements and math standards since I have a degree in science and I’ve burned through the vast majority of my grown-up life concentrating on betting, chances, and probabilities. Furthermore, to this end I don’t have the foggiest idea about why anybody plays gambling machines in live club.

Live gambling machines work the very same as the spaces accessible on versatile and online gadgets. They could not necessarily have similar names, yet gambling machines are essentially no different either way.

Playing Slots

Your chances are likewise presumably somewhat better when you play versatile and online openings. In any case, regardless of whether the chances are the very same, you ought to constantly play spaces on the web.

The justification behind this is basic. You can utilize rewards when you play spaces on the web, and you can’t utilize them when you play live openings.

In the event that you have a similar opportunity to win, or a superior opportunity to win, and you can get a reward each time you play, there will never be motivation to play land-based openings once more.

6 – Low Coin Denominations

I suggest playing big stake openings, as you learned in a past segment. Yet, the issue with spaces that have great big stake sums is that a considerable lot of them likewise have higher coin categories or least bet sums.

Some ever-evolving gaming machines require $3 or more on each twist, and there are likewise many machines in the $2 to $2.50 territory.

At the point when you risk this much on each twist, your aggregate sum bet goes up rapidly. Furthermore, the more your all out risk sum is, the more you’re likely going to lose.

Therefore you likewise need to attempt to play on gambling machines with a lower coin group. Search for openings with a respectable bonanza number that you can play for $1 a twist, 50 pennies a twist, or even a quarter a twist. This actually allows you an opportunity to luck out with a bonanza while likewise restricting the sum you hazard and win each time you play.

7 – Don’t Chase Comps or Anything Else

Assuming you overlooked my recommendation in the prior segment and play spaces in a live gambling club, you really want to essentially ensure that you get comps for your gaming machine play. This won’t be basically as great as getting great opening rewards at top internet betting destinations, yet it helps a smidgen.

Yet, an issue with playing for comps is that numerous players wind up pursuing the following comps level as opposed to halting play when they arranged. This is hazardous and quite often sets you back more cash in misfortunes than the return you get from the comps.

The primary illustration here is to never pursue comps. Get them for your customary play, yet never pursue them. The subsequent example is that you shouldn’t at any point pursue anything more. Try not to pursue misfortunes or attempt to wager more to return to even before you quit playing.

Utilize a bankroll and time limit for every meeting. Then, at that point, ensure stay with them regardless of anything.


If you have any desire to further develop your spaces results, you can disregard utilizing procedure. You won’t find a technique that really further develops your spaces results. Be that as it may, you can in any case do a things to improve as an openings player.

The main thing you can do as an openings player is figure out how to restrict your misfortunes. A few of the seven methods for improving as a spaces player without utilizing methodology recorded in this article are intended.

One more significant thing to do is disregard winning temporarily and center around getting an opportunity to win a huge big stake. Whenever you change your perspective, it can assist you with making long haul openings plans.

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